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Later Messiahs (6)

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Moses Guibbory

Moses Guibbory was born in the Ukraine -which was still part of tsarist Russia- in 1899. His father died (on his way home from Friday night Sabbath services) of a heart attack when Moses was eight years old. Five years later, the young man left his mother and sister's home. He was thirteen years old.

After a brief stay in Turkey, which was divided by civil war, he went to Palestine, where found a new home in the Cave of the Sanhedrin on the north side of Jerusalem. In the mid-twenties, he announced that he was the Messiah, and some people started to believe him after he had predicted a severe earthquake.

He also called himself the Lord of the Universe, the Last Incarnation of Jehovah, the Shepherd and New Moses. He gave arguments for these claims in a huge commentary on the Scriptures, in which he demonstrated that all prophets had predicted his own coming to this world. This book, called The Bible in the Hands of its Creators. Biblical Facts as They Are, Guibbory dictated to his disciple and secretary David Horowitz; after finishing the work, Guibbory anointed his assistant 'Messiah, Son of David' (1932).

After his exit from the Cave of the Sanhedrin, he started a family in Jerusalem. He emigrated to the United States in 1943, after which he broke ties with Horowitz. In the early 1950's, they attempted to lay aside their disagreement, but the reconciliation never really took form. Nonetheless, both men continued to speak about each other with much respect.

He raised a second family in Norwalk, Connecticut, and continued his work, leading a small following, He passed in June of 1985 of natural causes. He is survived by eight children. 

David Horowitz became a well-known diplomat who managed to secure the recognition of Israel as an independent state from several countries in 1948. Later, he worked for the United Nations and became a confidant of Dag Hammarskjöld and U Thant.

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