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Medieval Messiahs (2)

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Abu Isa'

The rise of Islam greatly improved the conditions of the Palestinian peasantry and many Jews became Muslim. Around 700 CE, one Abu Isa' al-Isfahani proclaimed that he was the Messiah. He rejected the authority of the Talmud, and in his teachings he combined elements of Christianity, accepting Jesus and Muhammed as the greatest prophets ever. His sect was violently repressed by the Muslim authorities; Abu Isa' and most of his followers were defeated in battle. Those who survived, claimed that their Messiah was not dead, but had retired to a mountain, from where he would one day return.
Muhammad (570-632)
Abu Isa' al-Isfahani (c. 700)
Moses al-Dar'i (c.1127)
David Alroy (c.1147)
Yemenite Messiah (c.1172)
Abu'lafia (1230-1291)
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