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Nebuchadnezzar II

Nahr al-Kalb. Relief of Nebuchadnezzar. Photo Jona Lendering.
Inscription of Nebuchadnezzar at Nahr al-Kalb - almost vanished
Nebuchadnezzar (Nabū-kuduri-usur): king of Babylonia, ruled 605-562.


  • Father: Nabopolassar
  • Wife: Amytis (?)
  • Sons: Nabū-šuma-ukīn (=Amel-Marduk), Eanna-arra-usur, Marduk-šuma-usur, Marduk-nādin-ahi, Mušźzib-Marduk, Marduk-nādin-šumi
  • Daughter: Kasšaya (married to Neriglissar)

Main deeds:

  • 23 November 626: Nabopolassar becomes king of Babylonia; he has fought a war against the Assyrian overlords, which is continued
  • 614: Sack of Aššur; rendez-vous between Nabopolassar and the Median leader Cyaxares. According to Berossus, Nebuchadnezzar marries the Median princess Amytis.
  • 612: Sack of Nineveh; continued war
  • 605: Nebuchadnezzar, the crown prince, defeats the Egyptian king Necho at Karchemiš
  • August 605: Death of Nabopolassar; Nebuchadnezzar becomes king
  • Campaigns the west
  • c.599: Repair of the Ebabbar temple, dedicated to, in Sippar (mentioned in the Nabonidus Cylinder, ii.47ff)
  • 598: Beginning of the siege of Tyre?
  • 597: First capture of Jerusalem; king Jehoiachin is replaced by king Zedekiah
  • 596: Campaign against Elam
  • 595: Renewed campaigning in the west
  • 587 (or 586): Second capture of Jerusalem; deportation of the Judaean elite
  • 585: Peace with Tyre, after a siege that had lasted thirteen years
  • 582: annexation of Moab and Ammon (Flavius Josephus, Jewish Antiquities, 10.181)
  • 562: Death
Succeeded by: his son Amel-Marduk



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