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Bust of Nerva. Palazzo Massimo, Roma (Italy). Photo Jona Lendering.
Nerva (Palazzo Massimo, Roma)
Nerva: emperor of the Roman world (96-98).


  • 30 November 30: Marcus Cocceius Nerva 
  • 18 September 96: Imperator Nerva Caesar Augustus 
  • 97: Imperator Nerva Germanicus Caesar Augustus 
  • 27 (?) January 98: natural death
Successor of: Domitian


  • father: Marcus Cocceius Nerva 
  • mother: Sergia Plautilla

Early career:

Main deeds:

  • 96 Made emperor after the death of Domitian; inauguration of the Forum Transitorium
  • 97 Consul III (with Lucius Verginius Rufus III, who dies; Cornelius Tacitus is consul suffectus); lex agraria; rising of the praetorian guard, led by Casperius Aelianus; Nerva adopts Trajan as caesar
  • 98 Consul IV (with Trajan II); death
Buildings: Inaugurated the Forum Transitorium

Succeeded by: Trajan

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