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Bust of Otho, Musei Capitolini, Roma (Italy). Photo Jona Lendering.
Otho (Musei Capitolini, Roma; **)
Otho: emperor of the Roman world (spring 69).


  • 28 April 32: Marcus Salvius Otho 
  • 15 January 69: Imperator Marcus Otho Caesar Augustus
  • 16 April 69: suicide
Successor of: Galba


  • father: Lucius Salvius Otho
  • mother: Albia Terentia
  • married to: Poppaea Sabina (divorced 62; she married Nero)

Early career:

Main deeds:

  • Bribed the praetorian guard to make him emperor; the soldiers duly kill Galba; Otho seizes the vacant consulship
  • Otho inherits the war that Vitellius had launched against Galba;
  • the army of Vitellius defeats the soldiers of Otho near Cremona;
  • Otho commits suicide (text)
  • damnatio memoriae
Succeeded by: Vitellius


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