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Coin of Petronius Maximus.
Maximus  (©!!)
(Petronius) Maximus: emperor of the West-Roman empire (455).


  • 396: Flavius Petronius Maximus
  • 17 March 455: Maximus Augustus
  • 31 May 455: lynched by soldiers
Successor of: Valentinian III


Main deeds:
  • 433 Consul (with Theodosius II consul XIV)
  • 443 Consul II (with Flavius Paterius)
  • 455 Becomes emperor after the assassination of Valentinian III
  • Proposes to Eudoxia III, the widow-empress
  • Not recognized by the eastern emperor Marcianus
  • Killed by soldiers
  • Three days later, the Vandals land at Ostia and sack Rome
Succeeded by: Avitus
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