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Coin of Phocas. Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens (Greece). Photo Marco Prins.
Phocas (Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens)
Phocas: emperor of the East-Roman (Byzantine) empire (602-610).


  • 547: birth
  • 23 November 602: recognized as emperor
  • 5 October 610: natural death
Successor of: Maurice

Main deeds:

  • Career as centurio in Maurice's army
  • 602: Coup d'état
  • 604: Invasion of the Byzantine empire by the Sasanian king Khusrau II 'the victorious'
  • 605: Execution of the family of Maurice
  • 605-607: Sassanid successes in Mesopotamia and Cappadocia
  • 607: Recognition of the papal primacy
  • 608: Revolt of Heraclius, who takes Constantinople
  • 610: Death
Succeeded by: Heraclius
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