Beirut, inscription of King Agrippa II

Beirut, inscription of King Agrippa II


Inscription mentioning Queen Berenice and King Agrippa II (EDCS-15300229)


[Rex magnus Agrippa Philocaesar et r]egina Berenice regis magni A[grippae filii]
[coloniae Iuliae Augustae Felici Beryto impensis suis balneum(?) qu]od rex Herodes proavs eorum fecerat ve[tustate dilapsum]
[refecerunt et ronaverunt stat]uis(?) marmoribusque et columnis [s]ex.

"The great King Agrippa Philocaesar and Queen Berenice, children of the geat King Agrippa, restored in the colonia of Julia Augusta Felix Berytus, from their own money, this bathhouse (?),  which their ancestor, King Herod, had built and which had fallen to ruins, and re-erected the marble statues and these six columns."


48 CE–ca. 100 CE


Jona Lendering


Beirut, National Museum


Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International


Judaea, Roman Empire



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