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Pupienus. Bust at the Louvre. Photo Marco Prins.
Pupienus (Louvre)
Pupienus: emperor of the Roman world (238), co-emperor of Balbinus.


  • 164: Marcus Clodius Pupienus Maximus 
  • February 238: Imperator Caesar Marcus Clodius Pupienus Maximus Augustus
  • May 238: lynched by soldiers
Successor of: Maximinus Thrax


  • father: Clodius Maximus
  • mother: Prima (?)
  • married to: Pulchra (?)
  • children: Titus Clodius Pupienus Pulcher Maximus; Marcus Pupienus Africanus; Pupiena Sextia Paulina Cethegilla

Early career:

Main deeds:

  • January 238: Insurrection of Gordian I and Gordian II; they are defeated by Capellianus;
  • February 238: the Senate elects Pupienus and Balbinus; they adopt Gordianus III; Pupienus marches to the north
  • Maximinus is killed by his own soldiers near Aquileia
  • On Pupienus' return, he and Balbinus start to quarrel; both are killed by soldiers
  • Damnatio memoriae
Succeeded by: Gordianus III


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