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Coin of Severus II.
Severus (©!!)
Severus: emperor of the Roman world (306-307).


  • date of birth and real name unknown 
  • 1 May 305: Flavius Valerius Severus Caesar 
  • August 306: Imperator Severus Augustus
  • April 307: resigned
  • 16 September 307: murdered
Successor of: Constantius I Chlorus


  • children: Severianus
Main deeds:
  • 305 Appointed as caesar by Constantius I Chlorus in 305
  • 306 Automatically made emperor when Constantius dies. He is forced to recognize the late ruler's son Constantine I the Great as caesar, and is faced with a rebellion in Rome, which is occupied by Maxentius, the son of Maximianus.
  • 307 Consul (with Maximinus Daia);  march on Rome, but forced to return to Ravenna; Maximianus, returned from retirement, forces Severus into surrender and orders him to abdicate. A couple of months later, he is murdered.
Succeeded by: Maxentius
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