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The Babylon Theater Inscription

The Theater Inscription is a brief, Greek inscription from Babylon that records the repair of the theater.

The Theater Inscription from Babylon records the repair of the theater, which had been built by Alexander the Great. The most remarkable aspect is the shape of the letters, which date to the second century CE. It shows that the Greek community was still alive.

Greek text

1. ΔΙΟΣΚΟΥΡΙ[δης...]
2. Ο ΦΙΛΟΔΟΞ[ως διακειμενος προς την πολιν (τον δημον)]
3. ΤΟ ΘΕΑΤΡΟ[ν ...]
4. ΚΑΙ ΣΚΗΝ[ην ...]


1. Dioskouri[des ...]
2. showing a zeal for glory [in his disposition towards the city (or: the people)],
3. the theatre [he repaired ...],
4. and the stage-building



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