Livy on Alexander of Molossis

Alexander (c.370-331): king of Molossis (350-331), uncle of Alexander the Great and best known for his invasion of Italy in 334.

The main source is Livy's History of Rome since the Foundation 8.17.8-10 (referring to the year 332 VC = 329/328 BCE) and 8.24 (referring to 326 VC = 323/322 BCE, but in fact 331 BCE). The two sections are offered here in the translation by B.O. Foster.

Ancient text

[8.17.8-10] Samnium likewise had now for two years been suspected of hatching revolutionary schemes, for which reason the Roman army was not withdrawn from the Sidicine country.┬áBut an invasion by Alexander of Epirus drew the Samnites off into Lucania, and these two peoples engaged in a pitched battle with the king, as he was marching up from Paestum.┬áThe victory remained with Alexander, who then made a treaty of peace with the Romans; with what faith he intended to keep it, had the rest of his campaign been equally successful, is a question.

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