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Coin of Tacitus. Archaeological Museum of Burdur (Turkey). Photo Jona Lendering.
Tacitus (Archaeological Museum, Burdur)
Tacitus: emperor of the Roman world (275-276).


  • 200: Marcus Claudius Tacitus 
  • December 275: Imperator Caesar Marcus Claudius Tacitus Augustus
  • July 276: uncertain cause of death
Successor of: Aurelian

Main deeds:

  • 200 Born in Interamna
  • 273 Consul
  • Princeps Senatus
  • 275 Consul suffectus II (?); elected by the army after the death of >Aurelian
  • 276 Consul II or III (with Aemilianus); Defeats the Visigoths; accepts the title Gothicus maximus; assassinated on his way to the east
Succeeded by: Florianus


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