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Takhmaspâda: Median general in Persian service, sent by king Darius I the Great against Tritantaechmes, a Sagartian who had continued the rebellion of the Median king Phraortes. Takhmaspâda defeated and arrested his opponent in the Summer of 521 BC.

Darius tells the story in the Behistun inscription:

King Darius says: A man named Tritantaechmes, a Sagartian, revolted from me, saying to his people: 'I am king in Sagartia, of the family of Cyaxares.'
   Then I sent forth a Persian and a Median army. A Median named Takhmaspâda, my servant, I made their leader, and I said unto him: 'Go, smite that  host which is in revolt, and does not acknowledge me.'
  Thereupon Takhmaspâda went forth with the army, and he fought a battle with Tritantaechmes. Ahuramazda brought me help; by the grace of Ahuramazda my army utterly defeated that rebel host, and they seized Tritantaechmes and brought him unto me. Afterwards I cut off both his nose and ears, and put out one eye, he was kept bound at my palace entrance, all the people saw him. Afterwards I crucified him in Arbela.
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