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Theodosius II

Bust of Theodosius II. Louvre, Paris (France). Photo Jona Lendering.
Bust of Theodosius II (Louvre, Paris)
Theodosius II: emperor of the East-Roman (Byzantine) empire (408-450).
  • 10 April 401: Theodosius 
  • 10 January 402: Theodosius Augustus 
  • 28 July 450: natural death
Successor of: Arcadius


Main deeds:
  • 403 Consul (with Flavius Rumoridus)
  • c.406 Laguatan tribes invade the Cyrenaica
  • 407 Consul II (with Honorius VII)
  • 408 Succeeds his father; his reign will be largely contemporary with that of his uncle Honorius and his cousin Valentinian III in the west; in the east, government is in hands of Anthemius, praetorian prefect; the emperor begins building a new city wall
  • 409 Consul III (with Honorius VIII)
  • 410 Rome is sacked by the Visigoths; Jews expelled from the army of the eastern empire
  • 411 Consul IV (alone); Anysius liberates the Cyrenaica
  • 412 Consul V (with Honorius IX); Constantinople gets new walls
  • 414 Constantinople's city wall finished; Anthemius replaced as main adviser by Pulcheria, sister of Theodosius
  • 415 Consul VI (with Honorius X); the Hagia Sophia opened for prayer
  • 416 Consul VII (with Flavius Junius Quartus Palladius)
  • 418 Consul VIII (with Honorius XII)
  • 420 Consul IX (with "Constantius III" consul III); in the Sasanian Empire, Yazdgard I is succeeded by Bahram V
  • 421, 7 June: Theodosius marries Athenais Eudocia II; in the west, Honorius makes Constantius (husband of Galla Placidia) his co-ruler ("Constantius III"), but Theodosius II refuses to recognize him; Constantius dies after six months
  • 422 Consul X (with Honorius XIII); birth of Eudoxia III; inconclusive war with the Sasanian empire
  • 423 Galla Placidia and her young son Valentinian III arrive in Constantinople; Eudoxia and Valentinian engaged; death of Honorius; usurpation of Johannes; Theodosius immediately recognizes Valentinian as emperor in the west
  • 425 Consul XI (with Valentinian); Johannes succeeded by Valentinian; laws to reorganize education
  • 426 Consul XII (with Valentinian III consul II)
  • 427 Nestorius appointed bishop of Constantinople
  • 428 Agreement with Sasanian Persia about the division of Armenia
  • 429 Vandals invade Africa; Theodosius orders a codification of Roman law
  • 430 Consul XIII (with Valentinian III consul III) 
  • 431 Third Ecumenical Council, at Ephesus; Nestorianism condemned
  • 432 General Aspar unsuccessfully tries to push back the Vandals
  • 433 Consul XIV (with Petronius Maximus); the Huns settle in Pannonia (Vindobona)
  • 435 Consul XV (with Valentinian III consul IV); Nestorius sent into exile
  • 437 Eudoxia and Valentinian marry
  • 438 Consul XVI (with Anicius Acilius Glabrio Faustus); Codex Theodosianus completed (15 February); Athenais Eudocia retires to Jerusalem; in the Sasanian Empire, Bahram V is succeeded by Yazdgard II
  • 439 Consul XVII (with Flavius Rufius Postumius Festus); Vandals capture Carthage
  • 440 The Huns start to raid the Balkans
  • 442 Theodosius agrees to pay off the Sasanian Empire
  • 444 Consul XVIII (with Flavius Caecina Decius Aginatius Albinus)
  • 446 Theodosius pays off Attila, who turns to the west
  • 448 Eutyches the Archimandrite condemned (monophysitism); he appeals to pope Leo I
  • 450 Theodosius falls from his horse and dies; his sister Pulcheria makes Marcianus emperor
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Coin of Theodosius II. Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens (Greece). Photo Marco Prins.
Coin of Theodosius II
(Byzantine and Christian 
Museum, Athens)

Contemporary events:

  • 412 Synesius of Cyrene' Catastasis
  • 414 Jews expelled from Alexandria; Hypatia lynched
  • 420 Death of Jerome
  • 425 Death of Gamaliel VI, last patriarch
  • 434 Attila and Bleda gain control of the tribes of the Huns
  • 438 Relics of John Chrysostom brought to Constantinople
  • 444 Death of Cyrillus of Alexandria; Diocorus becomes patriarch of Alexandria; beginning of the monophysite discussion
  • 445 Attila murders his brother Bleda
  • 448 The tragic incident of Moses of Crete
Succeeded by: Marcianus

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