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Tiberius II

Coin of Tiberius II
Tiberius II (!!)
Tiberius II: emperor of the East-Roman (Byzantine) empire (578-582).


  • 574: adopted as caesar, surnamed New Constantine
  • 26 September 578: recognized as emperor
  • 14 August 582: natural death
Successor of: Justin II


  • daughter: Constantia, wife of Maurice
Main deeds:
  • 565-574: Comes excubitorum at the court of Justin II
  • 570: defeats the Avars
  • 574: adopted by Justin II as caesar, surnamed New Constantine
  • 578: succeeds Justin II
  • 579: general Theophilus suppresses a revolt of the Jews and the Samaritans in Palestine, and kills the pagans in Baalbek (John of Ephesus, Ecclesiastical History, 3.27)
  • 581/582: death of Mundhir, leader of the Ghassanids
  • 582: adopts Maurice; death of natural causes
Succeeded by: Maurice
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