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Trebonianus Gallus

Bust of Trebonianus Gallus. Archaeological Museum, Antakya (Turkey). Photo Marco Prins.
Trebonianus Gallus (Archaeological museum,
Trebonianus Gallus: emperor of the Roman world (251-253).


  • 206: Gaius Vibius Trebonianus Gallus 
  • June 251: Imperator Caesar Gaius Vibius Trebonianus Gallus Augustus
  • August 253: lynched by soldiers
Successor of: Decius and Hostilianus


  • father: Gaius Vibius Veldumnianus
  • wife: Afinia Gemina Baebinia
  • children: Volusianus, Vibia Galla

Main deeds:

  • 206 Born in Perusia (?)
  • Consul
  • 250 Propraetor of Moesia Superior
  • Summer 251 Accepted as emperor by the Roman troops after the death of Decius; Decius' son Hostilian and Trebonianus's son Volusian adopted as caesares; Hostilian succumbs to plague; Trebonian moves to Rome
  • 252 Consul (with his son Volusianus); invasion by Visigoths and other tribes; Sasanian Persians attack Armenia and invade Mesopotamia
  • 253 Insurrections of Uranius Antoninus in Emesa and Aemilianus in Moesia; Trebonianus killed by his soldiers when he was marching against Aemilianus
  • Damnatio memoriae

Contemporary events:

  • Death of the Christian teacher Origen (253)
Succeeded by: Aemilianus
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