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Medaillon of Gratian. Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum, Mainz (Germany). Photo Marco Prins.
Gratian (©!!)
Gratian: emperor of the Roman world (367-383).


  • 18 April 359: Gratianus (born in or near Sirmium
  • 24 Augustus 367: Imperator Caesar Flavius Gratianus Augustus 
  • 25 August 383: murdered
Successor of: Valentinian I


Main deeds:
  • 366 Consul (with Dagalaifus)
  • 367 Proclaimed emperor in Amiens
  • 368 Takes part in Valentinian's Alamannic wars; accepts the titles Germanicus maximus, Alamannicus maximus, and Francicus maximus
  • 369 Valens defeats the Visigoths; all emperors accept the title Gothicus maximus
  • 371 Consul II (with Sextus Claudius Petronius Probus)
  • 374 Consul III (with Flavius Equitius); marries Constantia (daughter of Constantius II)
  • 375 Death of Valentinian I; sole ruler in the west
  • 376 Visits Rome; celebrates Decennalia
  • 377 Consul IV (with Flavius Merobaudes)
  • 378 War against the Alamans; Valens defeated by the Visigoths; Theodosius I made emperor in the east
  • 379 Gratianus recognizes Theodosius; Edict againt heresy
  • 380 Consul V (with Theodosius); Gratianus defeats the Alamans; Visigoths settled in Pannonia
  • 382 The altar of Victoria removed from the Curia Julia; end of state payment to pagan cults; first senatorial deputation to Gratian
  • 383 Death of Constantia; Gratianus marries Laeta; war against the Alamans in Raetia; revolt of Magnus Maximus; captured by Andragathius, an officer of Magnus; executed
Succeeded by: Magnus Maximus

Contemporary events:

  • 382 After Gratian declined to use the title of pontifex maximus, it is accepted by the pope; Jerome arrives in Rome and starts translating the Vulgata
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