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Medaillon of Valens. Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum, Mainz (Germany). Photo Marco Prins.
Valens (Römisch-Germanisches 
, Mainz)
Valens: emperor of the Roman world (364-378).


  • ±328: Valens
  • 28 March 364: Imperator Caesar Flavius Valens Augustus 
  • 2 August 378: killed in action
co-emperor of Valentinian I; ruled in the east

Successor of: Jovianus


  • father: Gratianus
  • married to: Albia Domnica
  • children: Valentinianus Galates, Carosa, Anastasia
Main deeds:
  • 364 appointed as co-ruler by his brother Valentinian I; responsible for the east and Egypt
  • 365 Consul I (with Valentinian); insurrection of Procopius in Constantinople
  • 366 Procopius defeated near Nacolia; he is betrayed and executed; birth of a son Valentinianus Galates
  • 368 Consul II (with Valentinian I consul II); Germanic victories of Valentinian; both emperors accept the titles Germanicus maximus, Alamannicus maximus, and Francicus maximus; Quinquennalia
  • 369 First war against the Visigoths; accepts the title Gothicus maximus
  • 370 Consul III (with Valentinian consul III)
  • 371 Trials for magic and treason
  • 373 Consul IV (with Valentinian consul IV); start of the Persian war
  • 375 Intervention in Armenia; death of Valentinian; Gratianus and Valentinian II emperors in the west; peace with Persia (?)
  • 376 Consul V (with Valentinian II); Huns drive the Visigoths across the Danube
  • 378 Consul VI (with Valentinian II consul II); defeated by the Visigoths at Adrianopel
Buildings: Constantinople: Aqueduct; Basilica of the Apostles

Contemporary events:

  • 365 Earthquake in the southeastern Mediterranean
  • 365 Athanasius exiled from Alexandria 
  • 366 Athanasius returns
  • 373 Death of Athanasius and Ephrem the Syrian
Succeeded by: Theodosius I
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