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Valentinian I

Coin of Valentinian I. Valkhof Museum, Nijmegen (Holland). Photo Marco Prins.
Valentinian I (Valkhof Museum, Nijmegen)
Valentinian I: emperor of the Roman world (364-375).


  • 321: Valentinianus 
  • 25 February 364: Flavius Valentinianus Augustus 
  • 17 november 375: natural death
co-emperor of Valens; ruled in the west

Successor of: Jovianus


Main deeds:
  • 364 Death of Jovianus; Valentinian proclaimed emperor; he makes his brother Valens emperor too
  • 365 Consul I (with Valens I)
  • 366 Defeats the Alamans; bloody riots during papal elections
  • 367 Proclaims Gratianus emperor; Picts, Scots, Saxons attack Britain
  • 368 Consul II (with Valens II); second war against the Alamans; victory over the Franks and Saxons; accepts the titles Germanicus maximus, Alamannicus maximus, and Francicus maximus; Theodosius crosses to Britain
  • 369 Successes of Theodosius; Quinquennalia; recovery of the Rhine frontier; Valens defeats the Visigoths; both emperors accept the title Gothicus maximus
  • 370 Consul III (with Valens III); Alaman war
  • 372 Insurrection of Firmus in Mauretania; Pannonia invaded by Quadi and Sarmatians
  • 373 Consul IV (with Valens IV); Theodosius defeats Firmus
  • 374 Renewed war against the Alamans; suicide of Firmus
  • 375 Valentinian moves to Pannonia, proceeds against the Quadi, dies in Brigetio
Contemporary events:
  • 365 Earthquake in Africa
  • 367 Death of Hilary of Poitiers
  • 371 Ausonius' Mosella
  • 374 Ambrose bishop of Milan
Succeeded by: Gratianus, Valentinian II
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