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Valentinian III

Valentinian III. Coin from Xanten (Germany). Photo Jona Lendering.
Valentinian III (Museum Xanten)
Valentinian III: emperor of the West-Roman empire (425-455).


  • 2 July 419: Flavius Placidius Valentinianus 
  • 424: Valentinianus Caesar
  • 23 October 425: Valentinianus Augustus
  • 16 March 455: murdered by Petronius Maximus
Successor of: Honorius and Johannes


Main deeds:
  • 423 Galla Placidia and her young son Valentinian III arrive in Constantinople; Eudoxia and Valentinian engaged; death of Honorius, usurpation of Johannes; Theodosius II immediately recognizes Valentinian as emperor in the west
  • 425 Consul (with Theodosius II consul XI); Johannes killed by East-Roman troops; he is succeeded by Valentinian; the real ruler is Galla Placidia; laws to reorganize education; Jews expelled from the army in Gaul
  • 426 Consul II (with Theodosius II consul XII)
  • 428 The Vandals, led by Gaiseric, leave Andalusia
  • 429 Vandal invasion of Africa
  • 430 Consul III (with Theodosius II consul XIII)
  • 432 The East-Roman general Aspar unsuccessfully tries to push back the Vandals
  • 435 Consul IV (with Theodosius II consul XV)
  • 437 Valentinian marries Eudoxia; retirement of Galla Placidia
  • 439 Codex Theodosianus in force in the west; Vandals take Carthage; Jews expelled from the army
  • 440 Consul V (with Anatolius); Vandals occupy Sicily; the Huns start to raid the Balkans
  • 445 Consul VI (with Flavius Nomus); Edict against the Manichaeans
  • 446 Theodosius II pays Attila, who turns to the west
  • 450 Consul VII (with Gennadius Avienus); In the east, Marcianus succeeds Theodosius II; death of Galla Placidia
  • 451 The Huns cross the Rhine, invade Gaul, sack Metz; Atilla is defeated by Aetius near Troyes
  • 452 The Huns invade Italy; siege and sack of Aquileia; pope Leo persuades Atilla to return
  • 453 Death of Attila
  • 454 Aetius assassinated; Ostrogoths settled in Pannonia
  • 455 Consul VIII (with Flavius Procopius Anthemius); Valentinian III killed in Rome
Buildings: Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Ravenna

Contemporary events:

  • 426 Augustine, City of God
  • 430 Death of Augustine
  • 431 Third Ecumenical Council, at Ephesus; Nestorianism condemned
  • 434 Attila and Bleda gain control of the tribes of the Hun
  • 445 Attila kills Bleda
  • 449 Death of Hilary of Arles
Succeeded by: Petronius Maximus
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