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Bust of Vespasian from Narona. Archaeological museum of Vid (Croatia). Photo Marco Prins.Bust of Vespasian from Narona (Archaeological museum of Vid)
Vespasian: emperor of the Roman world (69-79).


  • 17 November 9: Titus Flavius Vespasianus 
  • 1 July 69: Imperator Titus Flavius Vespasianus Caesar
  • 23 June 79: natural death
Successor of: Vitellius


  • father: Flavius Sabinus
  • mother: Vespasia Polla
  • married to: Flavia Domitilla
  • children: Titus, Domitian, Flavia Domitilla

Early career:

Main deeds:

  • 69 Proclaimed emperor in Alexandria (cf. Julius Alexander) and Judaea; stays in Egypt; the governor of Syria, Mucianus, proceeds to the Balkans; Batavian revolt; Antonius Primus proceeds to Italy and defeats the troops of Vitellius at Cremona; Primus and Cerialis take Rome; Vespasian recognized by the Senate 
  • 70 Consul II (with Titus); Julius Sabinus briefly emperor in Gaul; Vespasian pontifex maximus; Cerialis restores order in Germania Inferior; Titus takes Jerusalem
  • 71 Consul III (with with Marcus Cocceius Nerva); Triumph of Vespasian and Titus; Gate of Janus closed; Titus praetorian prefect
  • 72 Consul IV (with Titus II); reorganization of the Euphrates frontier
  • 73 Censorship (with Titus; first ordinary consulship of Domitian)
  • 74 Consul V (with Titus III) 
  • 75 Consul VI (with Titus IV; suffect consulship of Domitian); inauguration of the Temple of Peace
  • 76 Consul VII (with Titus V; suffect consulship of Domitian)
  • 77 Consul VIII (with Titus VI; suffect consulship of Domitian)
  • 78 Conspiracy of Caecina Alienus and Eprius Marcellus; Agricola made governor of Britain
  • 79 Consul IX (with Titus VII; suffect consulship of Domitian); execution of Julius Sabinus; death


New legions: II Adiutrix, IIII Flavia Felix (formerly IIII Macedonica), XVI Flavia Firma (formerly XVI Gallica)

Succeeded by: Titus

Contemporary events:

  • 75 Last known cuneiform inscription
  • 77 Pliny the Elder dedicates the Natural History to Titus


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