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Zeno I

Gold coin of Zeno I. Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens (Greece). Photo Marco Prins.
Zeno I (!!)
Zeno I: emperor of the East-Roman (Byzantine) empire (474-475, 476-491).


  • c.440: Tarasicodissa Rousoumbladeotes
  • November 474: Zeno
  • January 475: resigns
  • August 476: returns
  • 9 April 491: natural death
Successor of: Leo I, Leo II


  • father: Kodisas
  • married to: Ariadne, daughter of Leo I
  • children: Leo II

Main deeds:

  • Made career during the reign of Leo I.
  • 467 marries the emperor's daughter Ariadne.
  • 469 Consul (with Flavius Marcianus).
  • 473 Leo I appoints the son of Zeno and Ariadne, called Leo II, as successor.
  • 474 The boy Leo II is consul; death of Leo I, soon followed by Leo II. Zeno succeeds his father-in-law and his son; at the same time, the East-Roman nobleman Julius Nepos, supported by Leo I and Zeno, gains the throne of the western empire.
  • 475 Zeno consul II; he is briefly dethroned by Basiliscus, who is supported by his sister, Verina (widow of Leo I)
  • During this vacuum, a Germanic leader named Orestes expels Julius Nepos from the throne in Rome and makes his son Romulus Augustulus the new emperor of the western empire.
  • 476 Zeno returns with help of the Ostrogothic king Theodoric; meanwhile, the soldiers in Italy have revolted; their leader Odoacer puts an end to the reign of Romulus Augustulus; end of the West-Roman empire.
  • 478 Verina, collaborating with Epinikos, attempts to overthrow the master of offices Illus; he discovers it, and has her exiled to Tarsus
  • 479 Consul III; conspiracy of Marcianus (son of Anthemius, grandson of Marcianus).
  • 482 The empress Ariadne tries to murder Illus, the master of offices; Illus leaves court; pope Acacius published the Henoticon.
  • 483 Insurrection of Illus, who receives support from Verina
  • 484 Theodoric consul; pope Felix III condemns patriarch Acacius (beginning of the Acacian Schism); Verina crowns Leontius emperor; they establish a rival court in Antioch; in the Sasanian Empire, Peroz is succeeded by Valkaš.
  • 485 Theodoric's Ostrogoths expel Leontius and Illus from Antioch.
  • 487/488 Theodoric gets permission to occupy Italy.
  • 488 End of the insurrection of Leontius and Illus; Theodoric starts to invade Italy; in the Sasanian Empire, Valkaš is succeeded by Kavad I.
  • 491, 9 April: Dies in a fit of epilepsy
  • 493 Theodoric kills Odoacer; becomes master of Italy.
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