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29th Dynasty (Mendesians)

Twenty-Ninth or Mendesian Dynasty: rulers of Egypt in 398-378 BCE.

Map of Lower Egypt (fifth-fourth centuries BCE)
Map of Lower Egypt (fifth-fourth centuries BCE)

After the revolt of Amyrtaeus against the Persian rulers, the Mendesian Dynasty came to power. Its named is derived from its capital, Mendes, in the northeastern Delta. The rule of the four Mendesian kings coincided with the reign of Artaxerxes II Mnemon, who still claimed to be the lawful ruler of Egypt. To counter a possible Persian attack, the Mendesian king Achoris allied himself to the greatest naval powers of his age, Salamis on Cyprus and Athens in Greece. Persian attacks in 385 and 383 were successfully warded off.

The rulers of the Twenty-Ninth or Mendesian Dynasty were:

Nef'aurud I (Nepherites I)
Userra Setepenptah Psimut (Psammuthis)
Maatchnumra Setepemchnum Hakor (Achoris)
Nef'aurud II (Nepherites II)

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