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Tigranocerta (Greek: Τιγρανόκερτα): fortress and town in the northeast of Armenia. (To distinguish the site from the more famous Tigranocerta on the bank of the Nymphius, it is also called Tigranokert in Artsakh.)

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Limmu List (Middle Bronze Age)

Limmu List: list of Assyrian officials who gave their names to a given year. Two parts survive, one dealing with the reigns of Erišum I until Išme-Dagan I (twentieth until eighteenth century BCE) and one dealing with the years 858-699 BCE.

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ABC 1 (From Nabû-Nasir to Šamaš-šuma-ukin)

The Chronicle on the Reigns from Nabû-Nasir to Šamaš-šuma-ukin (ABC 1) is one of the historiographical texts from ancient Assyria and Babylonia. It deals with the resistance of an increasingly stronger Babylon, supported by Elam, against Assyria, beginning with the reign of the Babylonian king Nabû-Nasir (r.747-734) and culminating in the accessions of Aššurbanipal in Assyria and Šamaš-šuma-ukin in Babylonia in 668.

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Artaxata or Artaxiasata (Greek Ἀρτάξατα or ᾽Αρταξιάσατα): Hellenistic capital of Armenia (modern Khor Virap).

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