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Augustus: first emperor of the Roman world (27 BCE - 14 CE).


Historians sometimes call him Octavian, a title he never used.



The road to power

Sole ruler

New legions

V Macedonica; VI Victrix; X Fretensis; XV Apollinaris; XVI Gallica; XVII; XVIII; XIX; XX Valeria Victrix; XXI Rapax; XXII Deiotariana.

Buildings (in Rome)

Forum Augusti with temple of Mars Ultor, many buildings on the Forum Romanum (temple of Caesar, arch of Augustus, Curia Julia, Basilica Julia, Basilica Aemilia), Porticus of Livia, Macellum Liviae, Porticus of Octavia, Theater of Marcellus, Theater and Crypta of Balbus, Mausoleum of Augustus, Aqua Marcia, Aqua Virgo, Aqua Julia, Aqua Alsietina, Baths of Agrippa, Horologium Augusti, Ara Pacis, Basilica of Neptune

Buildings (outside Rome)

Temple of Augustus (Ankara); Trophee at La Turbie

Contemporary events

Succeeded by: Tiberius

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