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Constantine the Great

Constantine I the Great: emperor of the Roman world (r. 306-337).

Constantine the Great
Constantine the Great


Successor of: Constantius I Chlorus


  1. father: Constantius I Chlorus
  2. mother: Helen
  3. first wife: Minervina
    1. son: Crispus
  4. second wife: Fausta (daughter of Maximianus)
    1. sons: Constantinus II, Constantius II, Constans
    2. daughters: Constantina, Helena

Road to Power

Sole ruler

  • 324 Crispus consul III (with Constantinus II consul III); war with Licinius; Crispus commands the navy and defeats Licinius' admiral Amandus; Licinius himself is defeated near Adrianopel and (18 September 324) Chrysopolis, flees to Asia, resigns, and is exiled to Thessaloniki; Constantius II made caesar; foundation of Constantinople
  • 325 Execution of Licinius
  • Nineteenth-century painting of the Council of Nicaea (325)
    Nineteenth-century painting of the Council of Nicaea (325)
    325, 20 May - 19 June: First Ecumenical Council, at Nicea
  • 326 Consul VII (with Constantius II)
  • 326, February: fall and death of Crispus; execution of Fausta
  • Visit to Rome; vicennalia; the empress-mother Helen to Jerusalem
  • 326, 18 November: Dedication of St. Peter's basilica
  • 327 Second gathering of the Council of Nicea
  • 327 Helena in Jerusalem
  • 328 War against the Visigoths; accepts the title Gothicus Maximus II; Constantinus II directs a war against the Alamans
  • 329 Consul VIII (with Constantinus II consul IV); death of Helena; war against the Visigoths; accepts the title Germanicus Maximus IV
  • 330 Constantinople made imperial residence
  • 332 Constantinus II defeats the Visigoths
  • 333 Revolt of Colocaerus on Cyprus
  • 334 Sarmatians expelled from the empire; Delmatius suppresses the revolt of Colocaerus
  • 335 Tricennalia; Delmatius proclaimed caesar; Hannibalianus made king of the Pontic nations
  • 336 Accepts the title Dacicus Maximus
  • Trier, basilica
    337 Easter celebrated in Constantinople; Delmatius assassinated; Persian embassy; baptism; death


Contemporary events:

  • 313 Council of Rome condemns Donatism
  • 314 Council of Arles
  • 320 Death of Lactantius
  • 325 Council of Nicea condemns Arianism
  • 328 Athanasius bishop of Alexandria
  • 332 Death of Gregory the Illuminator
  • 335 Athanasius bannished to Trier
  • 335, 31 December Death of pope Sylvester
  • 336 Death of Arius

Succeeded by: Constantinus II, Constantius II, Constans

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