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Taharqo: name of the last Nubian king ruling over Egypt (c.690-664), defeated by the Assyrian kings Esarhaddon and Aššurbanipal.



  • Statue of Taharqo (Tumbos, Nubia)
    c.690: Succeeds Shebitqo
  • Year 6: High Nile
  • 673: The first Assyrian invasion of Egypt is repelled
  • 671: Second Assyrian invasion: Esarhaddon captures Memphisnote and forces Taharqo to flee to the south; power in Lower Egypt is given to the local princes
  • Taharqo
    669: Taharqo returns to the north, Esarhaddon gathers his troops, but dies; Taharqo occupies Memphis and forces the local princes to support him again
  • 667/666: The Assyrian king Aššurbanipal attacks Egypt again, sacks Thebes, and deports the princes from Lower Egypt
  • 666: Necho, prince of Sais, returns, appointed as viceroy of Memphis and Sais; his son Psammetichus is intended successor
  • 664: Death of Taharqo; his successor Tanwetamani proceeds to Memphis, but is defeated by Necho, who is killed in action;note Psammetichus reunites Egypt


  • Esarhaddon Stela from Zincirli
    Esarhaddon Stela from Zincirli
    New temple at Kawa
  • Temples at Sanam, Meroe, Bihen, Semna-West, Sedeinga, Qasr Ibrim
  • Tomb at Nuri


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