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Theodosius I

Theodosius I the Great: emperor of the Roman world (378-395).

Theodosius INames:

Successor of: Valens


  1. father: Theodosius
  2. married to: Aelia Flavia Flacilla, Galla
  3. children:
    1. from Flacilla: Arcadius, Honorius, Pulcheria
    2. from Galla: Gratianus, Galla Placidia (married to the Visigothic leader Athaulf, and later to Constantius; mother of Valentinian III), Ioannes

Main deeds:

Buildings: Constantinople: Forum of Theodosius; Column of Theodosius; Triumphal Arch ("Golden Gate")

Silver disk with Theodosius I and his sons Honorius and ArcadiusContemporary events:

Succeeded by: Arcadius (east) and Honorius (west)

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