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Mušov: town in the Czech Republic, site of a Roman legionary fortress and a Germanic tomb.

In the 170s, Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius attempted to subdue the Quadi and Marcomani, Germanic tribes living in Bohemia. During these campaigns, the Tenth Legion Gemina occupied a hill near modern Mušov, which has been excavated by archaeologists. The site was abandoned after 180, when Marcus Aurelius' son and successor Commodus retreated to the river Danube.

Not far from this legionary base was a Germanic tomb with a large treasure, consisting of many Roman objects. All in all, some two hundred objects made of silver, glass, and bronze were found, together with furniture, weapons, and the bodies of two men. It is possible that the two Marcomanian warriors were Roman allies who wanted a final resting place near the legions. Alternatively, the tomb may be a bit older or younger and be unrelated to the Roman fortress. In any case, they combined a Germanic way of war with a Roman way of life.

There are several temporary Roman camps in the neighborhood.

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