Naqš-e Rustam, Relief of Shapur II

Naqš-e Rustam: archaeological site in Fars (Iran), best known for its Achaemenid tombs and rock reliefs made in the Sasanian age.

Relief of Shapur II

Once, there was a relief of a seated king Shapur II (r.309-379) and several courtiers between the relief of Hormizd II and Achaemenid tomb II. Because it has always been exposed to the wind (unlike the other Sasanian reliefs, which were protected by sand) It is very damaged, but you can still discern the Sasanian king, seated and seen frontally, and one or two figures to his right (if you can not recognize it, look here). The composition must have resembled the sixth relief of Bishapur.


Louis Vanden Berghe, Reliefs rupestres de l' Iran ancien (1983 Brussels), #77.