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Piazza Armerina


Piazza Armerina: Sicilian town, site of the famous Roman villa of Casale, once the palace of the emperor Maximian (r.285-305 and 306-308).


The late Roman villa of Casale near Piazza Armerina (central Sicily), which is generally considered to have been the palace of the emperor Maximian (r.285-305 and 306-308) and his wife Eutropia, consists, essentially, of three parts:

The palace of Maximian is famous for its late-antique mosaics, which were made by several workshops that are easily to recognize, even within a single room (e.g., the Great Hall between the Aula Regia and the Peristyle). Together, the mosaics cover some 3,500 square meters. The villa was in use until the twelfth century and is today recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Public Rooms

Private Rooms


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