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Germanicus: (15 BCE - 19 CE): Roman prince, waged war in Germania.



  • 15, 24 May: born as son of Drusus and Antonia Minor
  • 4 BCE, 27 or 28 June: Adopted by Tiberius: Germanicus Caesar
  • 5 CE: Marries Vipsania Agrippina
  • 6 Birth of Nero Julius Caesar
  • 7 Quaestor
  • 7 or 8: Birth of Drusus Julius Caesar
  • 7-9 Propraetor in¬†Illyricum (suppression of the Pannonian revolt)
  • 9 Rank of praetor; imperator; triumphal ornaments; birth and death of Tiberius Julius Caesar; Battle in the Teutoburg Forest
  • 10 Birth and death of an unknown son
  • 11 Propraetor in Germania; birth and death of Gaius Julius Caesar
  • 12 Consul; birth of Caligula
  • 13 Proconsul in Germania
  • 14 Death of Augustus; accession of Tiberius; soldiers' rebellion suppressed; attack on the Marsi and Bructeri
  • 15 Attacks on the Chatti and Marsi; recovery of the eagle of the Nineteenth legion; visit to the Teutoburg battlefield; birth of Julia Agrippina Minor in Cologne (perhaps 16)
  • Germanicus
    16 Naval expedition; battle of Idistaviso
  • 16/17 Birth of Julia Drusilla
  • 17 Triumph
  • 17/18 Visit to Lesbos, birth of Julia Livilla
  • 18 Consul II (accepted in Nicopolis)
  • 18-19 Tour through the east
  • 19, Spring: Alexandria
  • 19, 10 October: Dies in Antioch
  • 20, Spring: Burial in the Mausoleum of Augustus

Literary Works

Germanicus composed a poem on astronomy.

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