Diocletianic camp, inscription

Diocletianic camp, inscription


Diocletianic camp, inscription


[Reparato]res orbi sui et propagatores generis humani DDNN. Diocletianus [et Maximianus |
invictis]simi IMPP. et Constantius et Maximianus nobb. Caess. castra feliciter condiderunt |
[curam age]nte Sossiano Hieroclete v[ir] p[erfectissimus], praess. provinciae, d[evoto] n[umini] m[aiestati]q[ue] eorum.

The restorers of their world and improvers of the human race, our lords Diocletian and Maximian, |
the most undefeatable emperors, and Constantius and Maximianus (=Galerius), the noblest caesars, have successfully founded this fortress. |
The noble Sossianus Hierocles, governor of the province, took care of it and devoted it to their spirit and majesty.


293 CE–305 CE


Marco Prins


Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International


Roman Empire



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