Thermopylae (c. 500 BCE)


Thermopylae (Θερμοπύλαι; "Hot Gates"): small pass in Greece, site of several battles.

Thermopylae, view from electricity mast
Thermopylae, view from electricity mast

The late sixth and early fifth century history of Central Greece are poorly understood, but we know that the Thessalians and Phocians were at war "a few years before the Persian invasion".note During this war, the "Phocian Wall" was built at Thermopylae: about 150 meters long, parallel along the road, and offering the Phocians a safe place from which to throw missiles at the invaders. However, the Malians (allies of the Thessalians), discovered the Anopaea path and Thermopylae fell for the first time.note The invaders, however, were defeated at Hyampolis and the Phocians were able to prevent Thessalian occupation.

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