Atamaita: king of Elam in the autumn of 521 BCE.

Behistun inscription mentions three rebel leaders who were recognized as kings in Elam after Darius I the Great had killed the Magian usurper Gaumâta and seized the Persian throne. The first rebel was ššina, whose reign started in October 522; he was seized and killed by the Persians almost immediately. Martiya ruled for some time, but was killed in June 521 by the Elamite population when Darius was close to Elam.

Atamaita revolted in the autumn of 521. "Atamaita" is in fact a Persian rendering of an Elamite name, Atta-hamiti-Inšušinak, "the god Inšušinak is a good father". Darius sent his trusted official Gobryas, who defeated and arrested the Elamite rebel. Darius killed him personally.

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