Arosis? (Marun)


Marun: river in Iran, border between Elam and Persis.

The river Marun
The river Marun

At the time of its flood, i.e., during the late spring and early summer, the river Marun can become a violent torrent. Even today, in the age of steel and concrete, bridges can be destroyed. This makes the river a natural boundary and it is therefore not surprising that it once was the border between Elam (modern Khuzestan) and Persis (Fars).

The river, which has its sources in the Zagros mountains, cuts itself deeply into the plain. In Antiquity, it was probably called Arosis, and back then, it emptied itself directly into the Persian Gulf. Today, it flows to the west first, and joins the Karun (the ancient Pasitigris) just before this stream empties itself in the Shatt al-Arab (Arvand Rud).

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