Blariacum (Blerick)


Blariacum: road-house on the Peutinger map, modern Blerick in the Netherlands.

Blariacum is mentioned as a road-house on the Peutinger map and can be identified with modern Blerick. It is situated on the west bank of the Meuse and was situated along the road from Tongeren to Nijmegen.

It is likely that there was a bridge across the Meuse, to modern Venlo. If this is correct, there must have been a fort in the fourth century, but the archaeological evidence is not particularly strong, although a large Roman building, measuring 20x10 meters and dating back to the second century, has been excavated in 2012. It may have been an inn. A villa has been identified a bit more to the west.

The existence of another station along the road from Tongeren to Nijmegen has been suggested for Lottum, just north of Blerick.

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