Eulaeus (Dez)


Eulaeus: river in ancient Iran, modern Dez.

The Dez near Choga Zanbil
The Dez near Choga Zanbil

Together with the rivers Karkheh (the ancient Choaspes) and Karun (Pasitigris), the Dez (Eulaeus) brings water (and sediments) from the Zagros mountains to the alluvial plain of Khuzestan (ancient Elam). The river passes along Susa and Choga Zanbil, and finally empties itself in the Karun, just north of modern Ahvaz. Like the two other streams, it is a slow river; its mud makes Khuzestan one of the most fertile areas of modern Iran.

The river is mentioned in the Bible as the place where the prophet Daniel received a vision.note

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