Eusebius on Bar Kochba

Simon ben Kosiba, surnamed Simon bar Kochba ("son of the star") was a Jewish Messiah. Between 132 and 135, he was the leader of the last resistance against the Romans. After the end of the disastrous rebellion, the rabbis called him "Bar Koziba", which means "son of the lie".

Several references can be found in the Chronicle by the Palestinian bishop Eusebius of Caesaraea (260-c.340). The translations were made by K. Lake.

Eusebius on Bar Kochba

[Hadrian.16] The Jews, who took up arms, devastated Palestine during the period in which the governor of the province was Tineus Rufus, to whom Hadrian sent an army in order to crush the rebels.

[Hadrian.17] Cochebas, the duke of the Jewish sect, killed the Christians with all kinds of persecutions, when they refused to help him against the Roman troops.

[Hadrian.18] The Jewish war that was conducted in Palestine reached its conclusion, all Jewish problems having been completely suppressed. From that time on, the permission was denied them even to enter Jerusalem; first and foremost because of the commandment of God, as the prophets had prophesied; and secondly by the authority of the interdictions of the Romans.

In Jerusalem the first bishop was appointed from among the gentiles, since bishops ceased to be appointed from among the Jews.       

[Hadrian.19] Aelia was founded by Aelius Hadrian. And before its gate, that of the road by which to go to Betlehem, he set up an idol of a pig in marble, signifying the subjugation of the Jews to Roman authority.