Herodotus on Xerxes' family

Xerxes' ancestors

[7.11] Xerxes was exceedingly angry. "Artabanus," he replied, "you are my father's brother, and that alone saves you from paying the price your empty and ridiculous speech deserves. But your cowardice and lack of spirit shall not escape disgrace: I forbid you to accompany me on my march to Greece. You shall stay at home with the women, and everything I spoke of I shall accomplish without help from you. If I fail to punish the Athenians, let me be no child of Darius, the son of Hystaspes, the son of Arsames, the son of Ariaramnes, the son of Teispes, [and let me be no] son of [Atossa, the daughter of] Cyrus, the son of Cambyses, the son of Teispes, the son of Achaemenes!"


The Persian Behistun inscription contains a similar family tree:

I am Dârayavauš the King, son of Vištâspa, of the Hakhâmanisiya-dynasty, king of kings. I am king in Pârsa. My father is Vištâspa. Vištâspa's father is Aršâma, Aršâma's father was Ariyâramna, Ariyâramna's  father was Cišpiš, and Cišpiš'  father was Hakhâmaniš.