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Alcmeonids (Greek Ἀλκμαιωνίδαι): noble family from Athens.

Delphi, Alcmeonid temple of Apollo, Western acroterion

The Alcmeonids were a wealthy family in Attica that played a role in Athenian politics in the seventh, sixth and early fifth century. If we ignore the more legendary members of the family, the main Alcmeonids were:

This Megacles had three children.

Cleisthenes was the father of Megacles III, whose daughter Deinomache was married to Cleinias and gave birth to Alcibiades.

The Greek researcher Herodotus of Halicarnassus reports that there were rumors that during the Persian campaign of 490 BCE (which culminated in the battle of Marathon), that the Alcmeonids had tried to betray Athens to the Persians, but the same author also states that he does not believe these rumors.note

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