Agrigento: sights

Acragas (Ἀκρáγας): Greek town in southern Sicily, modern Agrigento.

The so-called Temple of the DioscuriAcragas had two building phases: the sixth-fifth century, and the period between 340 and the First Punic War. The temples that attract so many tourists to Agrigento date back to the first period. The urban remains, a bit more to the north of the temples, date to the second period. The citadel was always in use, and is occupied by the modern city.

From east to west, a visitor will see:

Council HallThe area with the temples is known as the "valley of the temples". Between this series of sanctuaries and the modern city, are the ancient living quarters. We can still see that they were built on a Hippodamean plan, with long blocks and parallel streets leading from north to south. There are no visible monuments, except for the Ecclesiasterion or Council Hall, next to the nice archaeological museum.