Qasr el-Azraq, inscr B

Qasr el-Azraq, inscr B


Road building inscription from the age of Aurelian


[...] per mil(ites) fortiss(imos) suos
legg(ionum) XI Kl(audiae) et VII Kl(audiae)
et I Ital(icae) et IIII Fl(aviae) et
I Ill(yricorum) praetensione
co(l)licata mil(itibus) suis ex
leg(ione) III Kyr(enaicae). A Bostra
D(!)asianis mil(ia passuum) XVI et
a Basienis Amat(a) XXXII et ab Amata Dumata
m(ilia passuum) CCVIII

[The emperor Aurelian ...]
[... had this built]
[...] by his strongest soldiers
from the legions XI Claudia, VII Claudia,
I Italica, IIII Flavia, and
I Illyricorum, when they were in the field
united with his soldiers from
legion III Cyrenaica. From Bostra
to Basienis 16 miles,
from Basienis to Amata 32 and from Amata to Dumata
208 miles.



273 CE


Jona Lendering


Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International


Roman Empire



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