Euromos (Εὔρωμος): place in Caria, modern Kızılcakuyu.

Temple of Zeus
Temple of Zeus

A Carian town called Hyromos is mentioned in the fifth century BCE as member of the Delian League, the anti-Persian alliance founded by Athens. in the tribute list of 425, it is mentioned as paying six talents, together with Stratonicea and Hymessos.

From two decrees, we learn that the town shared its citizenship with Mylasa in the south. In the course of the Fifth Syrian War (202-195), the town was garrisoned by the Macedonians.note Later, it sided with the Seleucid king Antiochus III the Great, but in 188 it lost its independence to Rhodes. Liberated by Rome in 167,note it eventually became part of the province of Asia in 129 BCE.

The agora, baths, and a theater have been identified. The temple of Zeus Lepsinos stood to the southeast of the town itself. The remains are in a very good state of preservation. The structure, which measured about 14½ x 26¾ meters, is a peripteros and was 6 columns wide and 11 columns long. Judged by the fine quality of workmanship of the Corinthian capitals and the mouldings, the temple must have been built during the reign of the emperor Hadrian (r. 117-138).

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