Susa, Acropolis


Susa (Elamitic, BabylonianŠušim; Greek τὰ Σοῦσα): capital of Elam, favorite residence of the Persian king Darius I the Great.

De Morgan's Pillar

Only the strange structure known as De Morgan's Pillar reminds the visitor of the remains of the capital of Elam, Susa, of the enormeous amount of sand and rubbish that has been romoved by the French excavators who investigated the acropolis of this ancient city in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. This site was already occupied in the fourth millennium BCE, and was a major production center of ceramics.

Today, the hill looks as if it has been used by the army to test some explosives: an empty plain, full of big craters. The main excavation is in the southwestern part of the hill (cf. map). Several ancient Elamite temples were discovered, but there is almost nothing left to be seen.