Lyon, Dedication of an altar

Lyon, Dedication of an altar


Lyon, Dedication of an altar


Numinib(us) Aug(ustorum)
aram pos[ui]t in-
tra scholam
Po[l]ionum leg(ionum)
IIII [e]t aediculam
e pariete scal-
psit et inpen-
dio suo fecit T(itus
Fl(avius) Super Cepula
scaenicus ho-
nesta missione
missus ex leg(ione)
XXX U(lpia) V(ictrice) P(ia) F(ideli) sub cu-
ra Saturi Cen-
sorini proc(uratoris) Aug(usti) d(edicata) N(onis) N(ovembribus) Apro et Maximo co(n)s(ulibus)

In honor of the divine works of the emperors had the actor Titus Flavius Super, nicknamed Onion, this altar erected in the club house of the Polliones of the four legions, financing it from his own means, on the occasion of his honorable discharge from the Thirtieth Legion Ulpia Victrix Pia Fidelis, under the supervision of the procurator Saturus Censorinus, and had a niche for it cut into the wall. Consecrated on the nones of November in the year in which Aper and Maximus were consuls.note


207 CE




Jona Lendering


Xanten, Museum


CC0 1.0 Universal


Roman Empire


Altar, Inscription

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