Achaemenid Royal Inscriptions: collection of Old Persian cuneiform texts from the sixth, fifth, and fourth centuries BCE, left by the Achaemenid kings on their official monuments.

DSv, inscription on a column base from Susa


Inscription in Old Persian, Elamite, and Babylonian, written on a column base, which is now in the National Archaeological Museum in Tehran. The text is identical to DSb (where you will find a drawing).

  1. adam \ Dârayavauš XŠ \ vazraka XŠ XŠyânâm
  2. XŠ DHyunâm XŠ \ ahyâyâ BUyâ \ Vi
  3. štâspahyâ \ puça \ Haxâmanišiya

I am Darius, the great king, king of kings, king of all nations, king of this earth, son of Hystaspes, the Achaemenid.