CM 42 (Fragmentary Chronicle on the Kings of the Sealand)

Chroniques Mésopotamiennes 42 (CM 42) is a fragment of a larger Mesopotamian chronicle on the Kings of the Sealand.

The following text is a very small fragment of a Mesopotamian chronicle, written in Babylonian. The tablet deals with the history of the Sealand, and appears to have been written in the Hellenistic age, in Babylon.

For a very brief introduction to the literary genre of chronicles, go here. More information can be found in Jean-Jacques Glassner, Mesopotamian Chronicles (Atlanta, 2004), in which this is text CM 42.


[1'] [...] the decree

[2'] [...] the chapels of Sin, Šamaš, and Adad [...]

[3'] [...] who gives the scepter, the throne and the mantle

[4'] [...] his work, according to the decision of the great gods.

[5'] [...] during the reign of Apil-Adad he governed the Sealand

[6'] [...] he lifted up and the reign of Apil-Adad [...] in the Sealand

[7'] [...] whom Marduk cursed, up to the Sealand and [...] of the Sealand

[8'] [...] he assigned forced labor to Babylon, because of the throne [...]

[9'] placed in the Ekur he told, he told the inhabitants 

[10'] of Babylon, in the plain [...]

[Broken off]]