CM 44 (A fragment of Samsuiluna)

Chroniques Mésopotamiennes 44 (CM 44) is a fragment of a larger Mesopotamian chronicle dealing with Babylonian king Samsuiluna (r.1750-1712), the successor of Hammurabi.

The following text is a very small fragment of a Mesopotamian chronicle that was found in the library of the Assyrian king Aššurbanipal. The text is unintelligeble but mentions king Samsuiluna, the successor of the famous king Hammurabi.

For a very brief introduction to the literary genre of chronicles, go here. More information can be found in Jean-Jacques Glassner, Mesopotamian Chronicles (Atlanta, 2004), in which this is text CM 44.


[Column A] [Unintelligble]

[Column B] [...] for [...] Samsuiluna [...] was given you [...] If a favor was granted [...]

[Broken off]